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Mrs. McLeod's Homeroom Schedule

7:45-9:30 Math

9:30-10:25 Science

10:30-11:20 Specials
11:20-12:07 Reading

12:07-12:37 Lunch

12:37-12:57 Recess

12:57-1:40 Reading

1:40-2:10 Social Studies

2:10-2:45 Writing

Monday, September 1, 2014

September News

Students will be reviewing multiplication that they began learning in second grade. The focus will be working on various multiplication strategies to solve different types of real world situations using x5 and x10. They will then move on to place value by breaking down and building numbers in many different ways up to 1,200. They will apply what they learned using addition and subtraction word problems, and learning to round and estimate numbers up to 1,200.

Students will be demonstrating safe practices in science, including getting familiar with tools used in science investigations. They will learn about different science careers and how different scientists have contributed to society. They will also be looking at motion, force, and different forms of energy.